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Home communities nowadays try their best to offer homeowners community amenities. In fact, many people consider this factor before moving to new communities. La Residencia Trinidad is a master-planned community that strives to give families the best environment with all the essential facilities & amenities they need to make their living better. If the place where you have been living does not have the facilities & amenities that you desire, then this is the right time to move into this new project. You’ll get the widest array of amenities that will make enjoy your life.

A variety of other factors makes La Residencia Trinidad an ideal place to live. The area is spacious making it the best when it comes to recreational activities. To enable you to enjoy your life in this area especially during your leisure time, the developer has invested in the best recreational amenities that you may not easily find in other places. If you love outdoor activities especially in an attractive environment, then act immediately and make sure that you’ll be among the new homeowners who will be moving into this new residential property. Since you want to know what’s there for you, here are the amenities you will find here:

•    Perimeter fence

•    Underground drainage system

•    Water distribution system

•    Concrete roads

•    Open space for sport and recreation activities

•    Main entrance

•    Concrete sidewalk

•    And others

If you compare these amenities with those that other new projects offer, you’ll find out that these are great for a start. Since this is an area that’s undergoing development, it will soon be flourishing with all the good things that you want. The most appropriate thing you need to do now is to get a house there and be part of the development that will see this new residential property change the whole picture of real estates in the region. You won’t regret or be unhappy if you move into this place that’s beginning to attract everyone interested in buying a new home. That aside, La Residencia Trinidad is ideal for retreats and family vacations. That must be sounding nice! Well, take action today and be part of the new community here.

In addition to the amenities within this property, there are other establishments in the region that meet your basic needs. The one excellent thing about them is the fact that they are within easy reach from your home in La Residencia Trinidad. Some of the best establishments you’ll enjoy visiting include Acer Minimart, Buddy’s Restaurant, Ongville Supermarket, Chito’s Fast Food and San Luis Mart among many others. Indeed, you have no reason to miss this great chance of owning a home in such an area that has the best establishments. All these are very close to this property and are just a matter of a few minutes driving from La Residencia Trinidad. Hospitals and medical centers are also available and within reach from this property. It’s time to give your family the best home and change your lifestyle. Invest today in this fantastic property and start reaping the fruits immediately.

  • Open Space for recreational activities
  • Main Entrance & Guard House
  • Wide Concrete Roads (min of 8 m wide)
  • Concrete Sidewalk, Curbs and Gutters
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Interconnected Water Distribution System
  • Overhead power distribution lines
  • Underground Drainage System
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