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La Residencia Trinidad is located at Brgy. Aliliw, Lucban, Quezon.

Everyone would like to be near the best commercial center, the best schools, popular restaurants, highways and other features that make a place worth being called a home. The closer a property is to all these and others, the higher is its value. La Residencia Trinidad is a house & lot property that’s located conveniently in a place that gives you access to such areas. Choosing such a place will not only make you happy for acquiring a property, but it will also help you save you a lot of money. You won’t be complaining about transport costs because everything will be near you.

The location and neighborhood of La Residencia Trinidad are not crowded like other residential areas where space has reduced over the years to the extent of almost causing congestion. If you are looking for the most convenient place, then you have finally found it. The area where this property is located gives you access to any place you want. It’s also good to note that the place has rich soil that supports flora hence making the place beautiful. That’s why the whole area is attractive and looks unique compared to all other residential properties. The project intends to grow into a major community that’s accessible from major cities. At this area, some of the notable landmarks include the following:

•    Tayabas City Proper, 12Km away

•    Lucena City Proper, 17Km away

•    Lucban City Proper, 2Km away

This residential development is also near the Lucban Academy (LA) and Southern Luzon University. With all these at the project’s site, there is no doubt that the area will expand into a major center for residents. In fact, there are many developments that are going on at the moment. If you have been planning to buy a home, then this is the right time. The most appropriate time to get a home, therefore, is now because once everything is set and the community has grown, the value will also appreciate. Don’t wait until that happens. Seize this great opportunity now and acquire a home for your family. You will love the serenity and diverse nature of the residents of this amazing area. We are sure that this is the best location for you because:

•    It caters for your everyday needs

•    You won’t have to buy another home

•    You can always modify your home

•    It’s the newest property around

•    Friendly and developing neighborhood

There are a lot more reasons that make La Residencia Trinidad the best place to buy your home. It’s indeed, a good site where you can invest your money and expect to reap in the near future when the value increases if you plan to sell or relocate later. You can also decide to live here for the rest of your life and enjoy security and peace offered by this amazing project. Everyone wants to feel safe and that’s what this new project intends to achieve. The location is the most appropriate and you should be part of the new owners who will soon be calling the place their home.


  • Lucban City Proper – 2 KM
  • Tayabas City Proper – 12 KM
  • Lucena City Proper – 17 KM
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